I am an artist filmmaker and a Doctor of Philosophy in Film by Practice. My specialism is Michel De Montaigne and Filmmaking as a tool for thought.

My working process includes the use and reuse of my personal film archive; an expanding reservoir of vibrant moments from everyday life. Earlier visceral body works (The Strangeness of Seeing, Unbelonging, Weighing of the Heart) are run through with a seam of dark humour.

My documentaries plunge into a space of deep looking, from swimming in the sea (Glitter and Storm) to my latest project The Forest in Me, about people who are cut off from the world in extraordinary ways, and the connections that bind us together.

I am the co-founder of The Electric Palace Cinema, a 48 seat independent venue in Hastings. For twenty years I curated a year-round programme for the cinema that includes arthouse, classic and world cinema screenings and events.

From 2001 to 2009 I was the co-founder and curator of Shot by the Sea, Hastings’ annual festival of film and moving image.

I am a regular visiting lecturer for the MA documentary department at The London Film School and give workshops on creative thinking and research for documentary filmmaking.


Moving Image

This That Happens – 2018/HD/13m18s/Director-Editor-Sound Design
I Am Weather – 2018/HD/5m58ssingle screen triptych/Director-Sound Design
Fever of The Light – 2018/HD/three-screen installation/24mins/Director/editor
The Force of The Imagination – 2014/HD/4m16s/Director-editor
Of Experience – 2014/HD/2m05s/Director-editor
Of Vanity – 2014/HD/1m34s/Director-editor
Of Dying – 2014/HD/3m40s/Director-editor
Of Age – 2014/HD/3m45s/Director-editor
Of Joy – 2014/HD/11mins/Director-editor
Life Begins at Land’s End – 2013/HD/6mins/Director-editor
Longplayer – 2013/HD/3m12s/Director-editor
Weighing of The Heart – 2011/HD/3m12s/Co-Director-editor
Dreams Of Life And Death – 2011/HD/2m30s/Director-editor
The Escape of Piccolina – 2010/16mm/4mins/Writer-Director
The Downfall of Mighty Man – 2009/16mm/4mins/Writer-Director

Exit No Exit – 2009/DV/30mins/Dual projection for stage/Co-director
The Strangeness of Seeing – 2009/DV/70mins series of 26 short works/Co-Director
Dream With Me! – 2008/DV/45mins/Writer-Director
Rosebud III – 2007/DV/15mins/Writer-Co-Director
Mortar – 2007/DV/15mins/Writer-Director
New York Soundwaves – 2006/DV/5mins/Director-editor

Non Fiction

The Forest In Me – 2022/HD/70mins/Director
Glitter and Storm – 2012/HD/15mins/Director
Peacecamp – 2012/HD/4mins 55secs/Director-Editor
The Chamber Orchestra – 2011/HD/11mins/Co-Director
Pirates’ Day – 2011/DV/4mins//Director
Bee Fever – 2010/16mm/14mins/Director
Moonbug – 2009/DV/90mins/Co-Editor