EVENT: Vessels of Tears

COMPASS ME is a twelve-screen immersive environment by Rebecca E Marshall, Clare Whistler and Nichola Bruce, currently in development.

Nichola Bruce and Rebecca E Marshall have filmed a 360 degree immersive work that moves through the North, South, East and West of human emotion. A compass of feelings. Performer Clare Whistler moves and shifts through moods; subtle glimmers, polar swings, frenzy and torpor.
Filmed in The Library of Water in Stykkisholmur, Iceland: The building overlooks the ocean and the town, and houses 24 glass columns containing water collected from the major glaciers around Iceland.

A single screen excerpt is being screened as part of Vessels of Water, a special event at Queen Mary University, 6pm on 7th May.



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A Hundred Parts, A Hundred Faces

The series continues in Hastings with a talk at The Jerwood Gallery and screening at The Electric Palace Cinema, 8th & 9th March 2014 

TALK: ‘Michel de Montaigne and Self-Portrait in Film.’
Jerwood Gallery
Saturday 8th March 2014. 2pm

Montaigne was one of the most influential writers of the 16th century, who tried to create an honest self-portrait including all the strengths, weaknesses, fears and joys of his daily life experiences.
His fascinating and deeply human writing includes titles:

‘Of Age,’ ‘The Force of the Imagination,’ ‘Of Experience,’ ‘Of Dying,’ ‘Of Drunkenness’ and ‘That We Taste Nothing Pure.’
Considering Montaigne’s attempt at honesty, including his own sense of uncertainty about the truth, Rebecca will talk about his work and look at techniques used by filmmakers to make self-portraits, a hard to define genre of moving image that sometimes falls between documentary and fiction.

Screening of excerpts include:

  • Jonas Mekas, ‘As I Was Moving Ahead, Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty’ 2000 (excerpt).

  • Rebecca E Marshall, ‘This That Happens’ 1995-2013, excerpts from personal archive.

  • Jonathan Caouette, ‘Tarnation’ 2003.

  • Agnes Varda, ‘The Gleaners and I’ 2000 and ‘The Beaches of Agnes’ 2008, (excerpts).

  • Chris Marker, ‘Sans Soleil’ 1983, (excerpt).



SCREENING: ‘Sans Soleil’

Electric Palace Cinema
Sunday 9th March 2014, 8pm
Chris Marker / 1983 / France / 100mins / subtitles / 15

A narrated journey through the thoughts, pictures and memories of a young female woman’s travels in Japan, Iceland and San Francisco. Visionary director Chris Marker brings this story to life with an idiosyncratic meditation on time and place, memory and image in our post-modern universe.
With an introduction by Rebecca E Marshall looking at Marker’s exploration of how memory serves to constitute an individual’s sense of self and the collective process of forging an official version of history.

Doors open at 7.15pm


A Hundred Parts, A Hundred Faces
series presents: 6 moving images works

Exhibition of six moving image works at The Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings.

Feb 13th – March 16th 2014
Thurs – Sun, 7.15pm – 8.00pm
Free entry

Six moving image works by Rebecca that draw from her personal archive. The films’ titles are inspired by the work of Michel de Montaigne, one of the most influential writers of the 16th century, who tried to create an honest self-portrait including all the strengths, weaknesses, fears and joys of his daily life experiences; ‘Of Age,’ ‘The Force of Imagination,’ ‘Of Experience,’ ‘Of Dying,’ ‘Of Drunkenness,’ and ‘That We Taste Nothing Pure.’


TALK: Beyond Ways of Seeing

‘Mirror Mirror’ event, NFT as part of London Sci-Fi Festival
Sunday May 2013, 12pm

LINK to Article in Imperica Magazine.


PhD Scholarship: A Hundred Parts, A Hundred Faces

Awarded a three year practice based PhD scholarship in film with Exeter University and The London Film School, commencing September 2013. 
Themes of identity in film-essay, in relation to French Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne


The first part of this project has been awarded funding by The Arts Council UK and will be formed of six moving image works:

‘Of Age’
‘The Force of the Imagination’
‘Of Experience’
‘Of Thumbs’
‘Of Drunkenness’
‘That We Taste Nothing Pure’


STUDENT OSCARS: The Library of Burned Books

Nominated for the Student Oscars 2013
(Production designer) 

Glitter and Storm available now on Swandown DVD/BluRay

Water, sunlight, breathing and skin – this is a submersion into the joy of sea swimming by night and by day.
A series of moving portraits and interviews held exclusively in the sea off the coast of Hastings in the South East. 

With what magic of witness Rebecca E Marshall has captured the marine process of reverse evolution: how citizens of Hastings long to become one with their neighbour ocean; how they twirl and twist in eroticised tumbles, feeling for gills, stroking salt-smoothed dolphin skins. Conversation is redundant, but they willingly squawk and squeal, attempting to articulate what they have already proved, so effortlessly, as their somersault, strip, micturate and moonworship. Artists and humans are made joyful in this banded horizontal world, where the camera, democratically, plunges beneath the rippling petroleum-jelly surface. Delightfully complemented with sounds alchemised by Susan Stenger, the fortunate amphibians crawl and cramp between transcendent glitter and the wild energies of advancing storm systems. This film is a delight, a drench, a dream: as reviving as the thing it depicts, the elective rinse in the English Channel.
Iain Sinclair
British writer and filmmaker
  • Andrew Kötting,  filmmaker, has swum the channel and battles with the elements.
  • Christopher Chasey devotes his life to nudist sea swimming.
  • Hilary Spencer is a poet and sea swims whenever she can.
  • Laetitia Yhap paints the fishermen and the working life of Hastings beach.
  • Nick Snelling has just recovered after breaking his spine.
  • Berry White goes in whatever the weather
  • Sarah Evans has swum in Hastings’ sea all her life
  • Ivor Thomas swims every Sunday and stays within his depth
  • Savannah Karr swims at night.

They swim out there in sun, wind and rain - why they do this? What are their strongest experiences from their years in the sea?

Underwater footage filmed in HD

Associate producer: Polly Stokes
Camera: Alasdair Beckett-King
Editor: Daniel Passes
Sound: Aristotelis Maragkos
Music: Susan Stenger
Sound Design: Mauricio D’Orey

Duration: 15mins

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