June 25, 2014



JUNE 2014: Fantastically have been accepted onto the Guiding Lights Scheme 2014/15 as an exhibitor to develop my 'Hundred Parts, Hundred Faces' series. This is an opportunity to benefit from 9 months of one-to-one mentor support from an established film industry professional. The scheme is run by Lighthouse, ...

April 13, 2014

EVENT: Vessels of Tears


MAY 2014: COMPASS ME is an immersive environment by Rebecca E Marshall, Clare Whistler and Nichola Bruce, currently in development. Nichola Bruce and Rebecca E Marshall have filmed a 360 degree immersive work that moves through the North, South, East and West of human emotion. A compass of feelings. Performer Clare Whistler moves and ...


Sunday 9th March 2014, 8pm / 
Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings
 Chris Marker / 1983 / France / 100mins / subtitles / 15 A narrated journey through the thoughts, pictures and memories of a young female woman’s travels in Japan, Iceland and San Francisco. Visionary director Chris Marker brings this story to life with an idiosyncratic ...


Jerwood Gallery, Hastings
 Saturday 8th March 2014. 2pm 
Tickets £4  Montaigne was one of the most influential writers of the 16th century, who tried to create an honest self-portrait including all the strengths, weaknesses, fears and joys of his daily life experiences.
 His fascinating and deeply human writing includes titles: ...