The Forest In Me

Agafya and space junk

Feature Documentary currently in production / 2018

Three parallel stories: a seventy-one-year-old woman survives in remote seclusion in the vast Siberian forest, a crew of astronauts live isolated in a hi-tech pod on a Hawaiian volcano, archive footage of a mother’s life from the last twenty years shows strange and familiar moments of everyday events.

The three strands weave together to form a letter to the future from a mother to her son as he turns eighteen in 2033. The mother expresses her thoughts about the human experience of time and timelessness in a world that is vastly changing its perception of time through constant advances in technology and communication.

The Derek Jarman Lab (UK)
Plays2Place Productions (Greece)

Exec Producers:
Nicole Stott – Passion Pictures (UK)
Mark Johnston – Nomad Films (Canada)

Received funding from Creative Europe towards first Shoot, OCTOBER 2015

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