The Forest In Me

Agafya and space junk

Feature Documentary currently in production / 2021

A mother makes a film for her child as a gift. She shares stories of people cut off from the world to examine how they might stay connected: A seventy-six-year-old woman survives in remote seclusion in the vast Siberian forest; a crew live isolated in a hi-tech pod on a volcano as a simulation of life on Mars; footage of the child’s life shows him exploring the world for the first time.

The Forest in Me is a sensory film with startling contrasts and uncanny connections about the experience of time, and a chance to consider the timeless, driving forces behind the evolution of technology that come from small, everyday needs and desires.

Electric Palace Cinema

Exec Producers:
Mark Johnston – Nomad Films (Canada)

Funding from: Creative Europe / LUSH film production

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