Fever of the Light

From the first months in the life of a child, to a 73-year-old woman born isolated in the heart of Siberia’s vast forest, to six astronaut-scientists simulating life on Mars, FEVER OF THE LIGHT is a triptych of stories.

FEVER OF THE LIGHT is a visual letter to the future, addressed from a mother to her son in 2033 when he will turn 18, right at the moment that humanity will be preparing for the first manned mission to Mars.

Thoughts unfold about the perception of time and timelessness in a world that is changing rapidly through constant progress in technology. The work highlights all the small and great needs and desires that unite people and crosses the borders of time.

Three screens / Total Duration: 24mins looped.

The installation has been shown at The blackShed Gallery in February to April 2018 and the BBC News South East gave a review of the work:

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