Rebecca E Marshall is an artist filmmaker whose working process includes the use and reuse of her personal film archive; an expanding reservoir of vibrant moments from everyday life. Earlier visceral body works (The Strangeness of Seeing, Unbelonging, Weighing of the Heart) are run through with a seam of dark humour.

Her documentaries plunge into a space of deep looking and deep time, from swimming in the sea (Glitter and Storm) to thoughts about technology and communication (The Forest in Me).

She is the co-founder and director of The Electric Palace Cinema, a 48 seat independent venue in Hastings which was listed in The Guardian as one of UK’s top three bijou cinemas. Here she curates a year-round programme of arthouse, classic and world cinema and events.

From 2001 to 2009 she was the co-founder and curator of Shot by the Sea, Hastings’ annual festival of film and moving image.

Awarded a scholarship for a PhD in Film by Practice with Exeter University and The London Film School, her specialist area is; Michel De Montaigne and Essay Filmmaking as a tool for thought. She is a visiting lecturer for the documentary department at The London Film School.


Moving Image

This That Happens – 2018/HD/Director-Editor-Sound Design
I Am Weather – 2018/HD/single screen triptych/Director-Sound Design
Fever of The Light – 2018/HD/three-screen installation/24mins/Director/editor
Compass Me – Currently in Development/HD/twelve-screen installation by Rebecca E Marshall, Clare Whistler and Nichola Bruce
The Force of The Imagination – 2014/HD/4m16s/Director-editor
Of Experience – 2014/HD/2m05s/Director-editor
Of Vanity – 2014/HD/1m34s/Director-editor
Of Dying – 2014/HD/3m40s/Director-editor
Of Age – 2014/HD/3m45s/Director-editor
Of Joy – 2014/HD/11mins/Director-editor
Life Begins at Land’s End – 2013/HD/6mins/Director-editor
Longplayer – 2013/HD/3m12s/Director-editor
Weighing of The Heart – 2011/HD/3m12s/Director-editor
Dreams Of Life And Death – 2011/HD/2m30s/Director-editor
The Escape of Piccolina – 2010/16mm/4mins/Writer-Director
The Downfall of Mighty Man – 2009/16mm/4mins/Writer-Director

Exit No Exit – 2009/DV/30mins/Dual projection for stage/Co-director
The Strangeness of Seeing – 2009/DV/70mins/Co-Director
Dream With Me! – 2008/DV/45mins/Writer-Director
Rosebud III – 2007/DV/15mins/Writer-Director
Mortar – 2007/DV/15mins/Writer-Director
New York Soundwaves – 2006/DV/5mins/Director-editor

Non Fiction

The Forest In Me – 2021/HD/70mins/Director
Glitter and Storm – 2012/HD/15mins/Director
Peacecamp – 2012/HD/4mins 55secs/Director-Editor
The Chamber Orchestra – 2011/HD/11mins/Co-Director
Pirates’ Day – 2011/DV/4mins//Director
Bee Fever – 2010/16mm/14mins/Director
Moonbug – 2009/DV/90mins/Co-Editor