SCREENING: ‘Dear Diary’


Sunday 8th December 2013, 8pm

Electric Palace Cinema

15 / 100mins / Nanni Moretti / 1993 / Italy

Nanni Moretti plays himself in this wry look at life. Presented in three chapters, he uses the experiences of cruising on his moped around remote islands in search of peace to finish his new film and consulting doctor after doctor to cure his annoying rash, to cast a humorous look at his life and those around him.

There’s poetry as well as comedy in his depiction of an artist struggling to make the next big leap, only to be caught singing along to an old TV film in a grocer’s. Where the narration falls away, we follow Moretti in vast swooping takes behind his Vespa into the Italian countryside, with ecstatic piano by Keith Jarrett.

With introduction by Rebecca E Marshall.

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