Dream With Me

A girl dreams. She is trying to find her lost friends. Her subconscious is manifested as a single eye who leads her in a game of consequence through her memories.

2008 ‘Dream with Me’ is a large scale multimedia hour long show with live performers, 30 member choir and live musicians.
This clip is edited samples from the film projected as part of the performance.

Full duration: 60mins.

Writer-director: Rebecca E Marshall
Assistant director: Angie Biltcliffe
Costume: Debbie Antonovitz
Lighting Design: Gabriel Burden
Artists: Peter Quinnell, Len Shelley, Leigh Dyer, Joc Hare, Nichola Bruce, Mary Hooper.
Fire artist: Laurie Piper
Performers: Nick Pilton and Eleanor Hooper
Musical director and composer: Juliet Russell
with Hastings Community choir

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