The Downfall of Mightyman


A Strong Man is overpowered by a very small girl – a story of mind over muscle



Mighty Man: Kim Wan

Girl: Ella Sudiarta

Circus woman: Claire Hamill

Punching man: Leigh Dyer

Kind woman: Sophie Dean

Lifted man: Keith Rodway

Crowd: Ben Browton, Bill Darlington, Mary Hooper, Emmett Ives, Savannah Karr, Linda King, Paul Moralis, Penny Panagi, Ted Polhemus, Amanda Thompson, Louie White-Dyer, Anna White.



Editor: Alasdair Beckett-King

Art Director: Aristotelis Maragkos

Screenwriter/Composer: Rebecca E Marshall

Cinematographer: Jason Beffa

Producer: Nelly Saad Ibrahim

Musicians: Nichola Bruce, Rebecca E Marshall

Crowd Sound Effects: Nichola Bruce, Miranda Watts, Eveline Powell, Bill Darlington, Leigh Dyer, Lucy Dixon



Kerala F/F, Kerala India, June 2012
Creteil Intern Women’s f/f, France 2011

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